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This Is My Life — Official music video.

I would love for you to check out my second official music video. It was so much fun shooting this and I can hardly wait to share more.


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Below are some recent photos I've taken. If you have pictures of me that you took at a show, feel free to send them over. Who knows, you may find a pic of me that you took featured on my new site.


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Upcoming Events


  • May 28th, 2013 Album Release Party, 12th and Porter, Nashville, TN.

  • June 8th, Quincy Mall Quincy, IL.

  • June 8th, Autograph Signing (Convention Center) Quincy, IL.

  • June 29th, Lake Hill Winery Carthage, IL. 6-7pm

  • July 4th, Baily Park, Camp Point, IL. 6-7pm

  • July 4th, Quincy River Front, Quincy, IL. 9pm

  • August 24th, Plymouth, IL.

  • Sept. 4th, Adams Electric Annual Meeting, Camp Point, IL.

  • Sept 6th, ONE Restaurant, Quincy, IL.

  • Sept 7th, Golden 150th Anniversary Celebration, Golden, IL.

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